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ENDR brings together regional authorities and clusters to share experiences and best practices on dual use and defence-related activities. You can join the network by filling in the online form.


EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence
16 March, 2023
The European Commission and the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy recently presented a first-ever Joint Communication on a EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence. Space systems and services in the EU are cruc ...
Critical Raw Materials: ensuring secure and sustainable supply chains for EU's green and digital future
16 March, 2023
Today, the European Commission has published the Proposal for a regulation “European Critical Raw Materials Act” and the Communication “A secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials in support of the twin transition”.  The Commi ...

Upcoming events

European Conference Defence Innovation: Getting the edge on the market and in the battlefield
20 April, 2023
This event is being organised by the European Commission and the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic. It will be held ‘in person’ on 20 April 2023 at the Hotel Don Giovanni (Prague).  Participants will be encouraged ...
European Conference Defence Industry Development: Opportunities & Challenges for SMEs
02 March, 2023
This conference is organised by the European Commission and AED on the 2nd of March 2023 in Lisbon (Portugal), with the support of AFCEA Portugal, DG-RDN (Directorate-General for National Defence Resources), EEN (Europe Enterprise Network) and idD Po ...