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ENDR brings together regional authorities and clusters to share experiences and best practices on dual use and defence-related activities. You can join the network by filling in the online form.


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Commission launched an EU-wide online survey on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Defence industry, Aeronautics and Space sectors
02 May, 2022
On 13 April 2022, DG DEFIS in partnership with VVA Group launched an EU-wide online survey that aims to obtain the first comprehensive demographic statistics of defence industry, civil aeronautics, and space workforce in the Union. The survey include ...
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Need more information on the European Defence Fund? You have R&D ideas related to defence? Get in touch with your National Focal Point!
02 March, 2022
National Focal Points (NFPs) are individuals nominated by EU Member States and Norway supported by national structures established under the responsibility and control of those countries. NFPs support the implementation of the European Defence Fund ( ...