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Dual-Use Conference 2017 – Drones & Space

04-05 May 2017 - Aarhus, Denmark
ENDR team

The event – jointly hosted by the Danish cluster CenSec and the European Commission – aimed to promote dual use innovation in the area of drones and space. It brought together 80 business leaders, technology experts and policy makers.

The conference revolved around the potential of funding of dual-use-projects at EU level as well as showcasing creative examples of products that have proven to have dual use potential. Also key issues for the development of a dual use strategy, such as links between research, business and education, as well as access by SMEs to large industry and public procurement were addressed.

Representatives from large companies and other clusters across Europe provided their views on market developments and gave examples of how they work with SMEs to foster drone and space technologies that simultaneously address the needs of defence and commercial customers. Finally, participants had the opportunity to take part in a match making-session in order to facilitate future collaboration between companies with dual use projects as the main objective.

Image for Dual-Use Conference 2017 – Drones & Space