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Image for ERASMUS+ 2020: CALL OPEN


13 November 2019
ENDR team

On 5 November the European Commission published the 2020 Erasmus+ call for proposals, featuring several options relevant for the defence sector. Under ‘Key Action 2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices’ there are options for tackling skill gaps in one or more occupational profiles or fostering innovation in higher education and business. In particular, the ‘Sector Skills Alliances Lot 2 – Development of training’  and the ‘Knowledge Alliances’ can support projects where industry, together with vocational or educational institutions, national/regional authorities and social partners, can join forces to address skill-related challenges that hinder employability, jobs and affect the competitiveness of the sector. The call also includes the European Universities Initiative and Strategic Partnerships. All these options were discussed and presented in October at the EDSP Bordeaux conference as relevant for the defence sector. The deadline for submission of proposals is 26 February 2020. For more information and to apply consult the Call and Programme Guide.
Image for ERASMUS+ 2020: CALL OPEN