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Greek Space Technologies and Applications Cluster - si-Cluster

Advanced materials, Aerospace, Electronics, ICT, Photonics, Robotics, Other

Si-Cluster was created in 2008 as a joint initiative between the cluster for acceleration of entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece, Corallia, and the Hellenic Association of Space Industries. Its defence and dual use activities comprise advanced materials, aerospace, electronics, ICT, photonics and robotics, with 40 percent of its members’ total activity focused on defence.

A user-driven organisation, si-Cluster’s upstream and downstream innovation falls across a diversity of fields, from microelectronics and on-board data systems to ground station technologies and robotics and propulsion systems. Its activity also ties in directly to Greece’s RIS3 in half a dozen areas: space, ICT, microelectronics, blue growth, environmental and materials and structures. 

The cluster’s target audience includes large companies, defence-related public entities, innovative start-ups and SMEs, of which the latter comprise more than 50 percent of its membership. Si-Cluster has both a dual-use strategy, which it is now strengthening, and one geared specifically to support SMEs via a portfolio of services. The latter include advice on business development, education and training, data collection and market monitoring, industrial matchmaking and other services.

Si-Cluster’s links to other clusters or regional innovation authorities include Madrid Aerospace Cluster, Aerospace Valley, Pole Mer Méditerranée, Skywin Wallonia, TeRN, Apulian Aerospace Cluster, SAFE, BavAIRia, Hamburg Aviation, Logistics in Wallonia, SpacePL, Polish Maritime Cluster and Barcelona Cluster Nautic.


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