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ICT, Photonics

Located in Marseille, the industrial cluster of OPTITEC carries out a quarter of France’s photonics-based research and development. Its members’ main activities are focused on photonics and ICT technologies, with 25% of these linked to dual use applications.

The cluster has close links to its region’s network of universities and government research agencies and related facilities. Some 2,000 researchers are distributed across that network, which includes advanced laboratories involved in major international research programmes.

Small enterprises make up 65% of OPTITEC’s 200 members. The cluster has a solid record of fostering start-up growth, having supported the launch of 94 start-ups in the past 10 years, 90% of which have made it past the crucial five-year survival mark.

Among OPTITEC’s future goals are to develop an ecosystem favouring the growth of SMEs where it will promote joint projects between them to be more competitive on national and international markets. OPTITEC also aims to enhance its cooperation with other clusters and stakeholders elsewhere in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

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