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Aerospace Valley

Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics, ICT, Photonics, Robotics

Aerospace Valley is the first world competitiveness cluster for the aerospace sector, serving three strategic industries - Aeronautics, Space and Drones – and covering the Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions.

With its Ecosystems of Excellence – Embedded and Communicating Systems; Structures, Materials and Processes; Propulsion and Embedded Energy; Economy of Data and Artificial Intelligence; Solutions for the Industry of the future – Aerospace Valley is driving a supportive, competitive and attractive community aimed at fostering innovation in order to serve growth.

Ranking in the top 3 world competitiveness clusters for the performance of its cooperative R&T projects (of which 619 have already been funded), Aerospace Valley is in charge of animating a dynamic network of  international reputation, composed of 825 members (industries, research labs, training centres, universities and high schools, local authorities, structures for economic development) including 562 SMEs. Having linked its regional dual use approach to France’s national RIS3 strategy, the cluster directly nurtures defence and dual use innovations in advanced materials, aeronautics, aerospace, electronics, ICT, photonics and robotics.

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