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DAC - Campania Aerospace Technological District

Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics

Campania Aerospace Technological District (DAC) was established on May 30, 2012.

It includes the main industrial and scientific players in the sector, which plays a leading role in Campania in terms of technological content, scientific expertise, know-how, industrial tradition and turnover, as well as export capacity and number of employees.

Currently, DAC involves 197 direct and indirect partners, including 26 large companies (e.g., Leonardo, MA Group, DEMA, GEVEN, Atitech, GE Avio, Telespazio, etc.), 19 Research Centers (e.g., CNR - National Research Council, CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Center, ENEA and the 5 Universities of Campania) and 152 SMEs and other entities.

The priority mission is to foster synergies among the network's technological and productive excellences in the perspective of an enlarged supply chain and a compact industrial ecosystem to promote a greater capacity for commercial penetration.

A further objective: to support member SMEs in their path of renewal, facilitate their accessibility to new business opportunities, promote processes of collaboration and exchange of experiences and best practices, and activate structural synergies.

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