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Umbria Aerospace Cluster

Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics, Land sector

The Umbria Aerospace Cluster comprises 28 industrial partners and  the University of Perugia.

Most companies in the cluster are involved in developing dual-use components and systems, which can therefore be used for both military and civil aviation.

The cluster has 2 Tier 1 companies on the F35 programme. Some companies are more dedicated to the military sector, especially in ground control stations for drones and missiles, as well as in on-board control software, but also in logistic facilities solutions (self-loading of military vehicles, shelters equipped for military airports, etc.). Within the cluster, companies are able to collaborate with the most important companies in the sector in Italy and across Europe.

The cluster gathers 3 large enterprises and 25 SMEs. Cluster employees represent 4% of all industrial employees in the Umbria region.

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