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Aviation Valley Association

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Aviation Valley Association (Dolina Lotnicza) was started in 2003 to further the rapid development and growth of the aerospace industry in southeastern Poland. It is recognised as one of the first aerospace clusters in Eastern Europe.

The cluster gathers 177 Polish entities: 170 aerospace firms (30 large companies and 140 SMEs), 3 regional development agencies and 4 technical universities. Together, they represent the employment of 32,000 personnel and contribute EUR 2.7 billion to Poland’s economy.

The cluster companies include producers of military or dual-use helicopters or fixed wing aircraft as well as engines and transmissions. Moreover, many Aviation Valley cluster members are well positioned in the global aerospace supply chain of key European, American and Canadian final manufacturers, delivering crucial components both for civil and defence aircraft.  

Aviation Valley’s most important short and medium-term goals include:

- improving the existing manufacturing base by creating a strong reliable network of subcontractors;

- promoting joint cooperation across industry, universities of technology and research centres; and

- developing a relationship with aerospace industry actors at European level.

From the onset, cooperation between cluster participants, educational units and R&D institutions has remained one of Aviation Valley’s core priorities.

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