european network of
defence-related regions



Aeronautics, Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Electronics, Health/bio-sciences, ICT, Photonics, Robotics

The ALPHA RLH competitiveness cluster represents 280 organisations (of which more than 170 are SMEs) focused on photonics, laser, microwaves and hyper frequencies for the defence and aerospace sectors. This translates into the following key figures for 2019:1,063 projects valued at 1.5 million, 93 start-ups created, more than 2,500 jobs created, along with an additional 10,000 indirect jobs.

The majority of ALPHA RLH members’ activities fall in defence and dual-use areas; namely: health, mobility, energy, ICT, aeronautics and space. The cluster assists its members in showcasing their know-how, products and services in the defence field on an international level – attending the Le Bourget (for example, SAPHYR) Paris Air Show and Eurosatory exhibition.

ALPHA RLH is a member of the Aeronautics, Space and Defence cluster in Nouvelle Aquitaine, which has become an international reference in a range of strategic sectors from commercial aviation to military aircraft and business aviation to space launchers or maintenance. ALPHA RLH’s regional strategic approach is also linked to France’s national strategy for smart specialisation and digital innovation hubs.

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