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European Cluster of Ceramics

Advanced materials

The « Association for the development and promotion of the European ceramic center” also known as European Cluster of Ceramics is a competitiveness cluster specialised in ceramics and related materials and processes. The cluster represents 119 manufacturers, 36 laboratories and 5 RTOs from France, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and Germany. The cluster is part of other associations including ERMA (European Raw Material Advanced) and Cerame-Unie. Furthermore, the European Ceramic Cluster actively participates and influences the regional roadmap on advanced materials. With the aim of fostering innovation within its sector, the cluster's strategy is defined around four strategic markets:

In the area of dual use/defence the cluster covers high performance materials like transparency ceramics for ballistic overprotection and aeronautic applications, surface treatment, etc. The cluster aims at promoting collaborative R&D projects by gathering companies, public research labs and academic institutions with a view to market, new products and services. The cluster also aims to help companies develop their innovation and stimulate their economic development, particularly in the export sector, in particular through its participation in the Sirena'Mic-project, which is funded by the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine. This programme provides support to the international development of ceramics companies and specifically targets the aeronautics, space and defence markets in Europe and the US.

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