european network of
defence-related regions


GSW-Netzwerk e.V.

Advanced materials, Cybersecurity, Electronics, Energy, Land sector

The GSW-Netzwerk e.V. is a cluster of mainly SMEs and research institutes based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
In modern society, civil security with all its components and military defence cannot really be separated from each other, or rather they have enormous intersections.
For some time now, GSW has therefore borrowed the term "Secure Societies" from the EC's Horizon 2020 programme. To shape this, we have developed a "Holistic Security Model" which includes all aspects of comprehensive security. This includes law enforcement and defence; disaster prevention and relief; IT/cyber; and natural resources and energy. For our members - primarily SMEs - topics such as "dual use" and "sustainability" play a major role by nature.
GSW has links to other defence-related organisations or regions across the EU, in particular with EDEN, the Defence, Safety and Security Cluster, based in Lyon. 
GSW is however committed to increasing EU-Defence Capabilities and is open to all contacts from and cooperation with similar organisations with similar goals in all EU.

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