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Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries, AFDA

Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Electronics, Health/bio-sciences, ICT, Land sector, Robotics, Other

AFDA, the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries, is a cluster representing the Finnish companies operating within defence, aerospace and security.

AFDA has ca. 130 member companies. We work in close cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Defence, the Finnish Defence Forces and other security authorities in Finland.

With a few exceptions, most Finnish defence, aerospace and security companies are privately owned SMEs. One of their strengths is that many of them also operate in other industrial sectors. We therefore benefit from a larger ecosystem with substantial R&D investment (15 % of turnover). Turnover within defence, aerospace and security was approximately 1.84 billion Euros in 2020, which was a slight increase of the previous year. Direct employment in 2020 was ca. 7900. The Finnish domestic market is relatively small; therefore, companies look abroad for customers and partners.

The Finnish defence, aerospace and security industries focus on certain niche areas. Finland is home to global market leaders in armored wheeled vehicles, turreted mortar systems, logistics and certain C2 systems. Finnish companies are also world-leading within C5ISR. Dual-use products with security solutions and civilian applications are becoming increasingly important.

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