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Tampere region safety and security cluster

Comprehensive safety and security, Cyber security, Safe intelligent industry, Smart secure societies, National security and defense industry.

Tampere region safety and security cluster is a regional cluster. The cluster implements in its operations the comprehensive safety and security approach that is a Finnish cooperation-based preparedness model that covers all parties that contribute directly or indirectly to public safety and security. This networked approach enables sharing information, sharing common targets and flexible contributions from diverse set of parties.

Specifically for national security and defense industry the main focus areas are: Command and control systems, vehicles, aerial and marine solutions, protection and advanced technologies for soldiers, and lifecycle management. The Finnish Defense Forces and defense industry have strong presence in Tampere region historically due to both strategic and operational reasons. The region is important for both national security and for supply security.

Tampere region safety and security cluster is open for collaboration in the focus areas outlined above. The members of the cluster collaborate world-wide in their respective networks. The cluster is a founding member of the EnSure Collaborative

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