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SAFE - Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth

Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics, ICT, Robotics

SAFE cluster is one of the key actors involved in the implementation of security and safety of the PACA Region's smart specialisation strategy (South East of France). Its activities revolve entirely around dual use and defence-related activities in  aeronautics, aerospace, electronics, ICT and robotics.

SAFE supports 600 affiliated organisations and SMEs via smart specialisation and other approaches to technological innovation to produce solutions applicable to critical infrastructure protection, the armed forces, civil disaster response, space, air platforms and autonomous systems. The cluster coordinates closely with the French defence and interior ministries to evaluate the potential of research and technology, and to promote innovation partnerships.

SAFE has links in the fields of CBRNE, ICT and aerospace to other clusters, such as The Hague Security Delta, Denmark’s CenSec, the Munich Security Network (Sicherheitsnetzwerk München), Pôle SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions), and Pôle Mer Mediterranée.

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