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INFO - Murcia Regional Agency

Electronics, Marine / Submarine Technology, Underwater Noise, Hydroacustics, ICTs, Robotics, Cibersecurity, Drones, Competitive Intelligence, Dual Technologies, Security, Sustainability, Smart Specialisation Strategy, RIS3 / RIS4, War Port, Digital Transformation, Digital Twin, Augmented / Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, IoT, Big Data, Avanced Materials

Historically, the Region of Murcia has always had a profound commitment to the defence sector, with a number of military bases scattered across its geography. Our military bases in San Javier, Alcantarilla and Cartagena illustrate how deeply rooted the defence sector and the armed forces are in the Region of Murcia.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS4 Region of Murcia, led by Regional Development Agency, aim to promote R&D, innovation, and entrepreneurship in dual technology, as well as in security and post-disaster rebuilding, benefiting from EU ERDF and ESF co-funding.

Within this context, the Region of Murcia has its own industrial and technological ecosystem, with an increasing number of innovative SMEs and start-ups developing in-house using cutting-edge technology, capable of providing their knowledge and expertise to domestic and global defence sector projects. Not to mention all the other businesses from other sectors in the Region of Murcia that provide solutions, technology and products for post-disaster rebuilding and recovery projects. Navantia's S80 submarine series development at its centre in Cartagena is a clear example of the existing potential in the Region of Murcia.

Public and private agents include the following:

The Region of Murcia is a member of the European Network of Defence Regions through the Development Institute (INFO), an entity under the Regional Department of Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson's Office, which fosters economic growth and competitiveness in the Region of Murcia (Spain) by promoting economy, increasing investment, removing obstacles, and establishing an environment which favours competitiveness.

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