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INFO Region of Murcia - Regional Development Agency

Electronics, Marine / Submarine Technology, Underwater Noise, Hydroacustics, ICTs, Robotics, Cibersecurity, Drones, Competitive Intelligence, Dual Technologies, Security, Sustainability, Smart Specialisation Strategy, RIS3 / RIS4, War Port, Digital Trans

INFO boosts R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship on Defencse and Dual Technologies, within the framework of the Research & Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy in the Region of Murcia (RIS4 Region of Murcia), mainly co-funded by ERDFs.

A relevant innovative ecosystem is devoted to the development of new projects and services related to Defence by different agents, led by INFO, among which there are: a Marine Technology Centre (CTN); a world-leading marine engineering company (NAVANTIA); a world-leading entreprise developing electronics for marine / submarine defense application (SAES); a Business Innovation Center (CEEIC); a wide innovative ecosystem of enterprises and startups; the war port of Cartagena; thea Spanish Air Force Training School for Pilots and Officials (AGA); the Public Polytechnical University of Cartagena (UPCT); and also the University Defence Center (CUD).

INFO promotes regional economic growth and competitiveness in the Region of Murcia (Spain) by promoting economy, increasing investment, removing obstacles and establishing an environment that favours competitiveness. With that aim, INFO focuses on:

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