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Distretto Aerospaziale Piemonte (DAP)

Aeronautic, Aerospace, Advanced materials and Technologies

The Piedmont Aerospace Cluster (Distretto Aerospaziale Piemonte) is a non-profit association established in 2019 to ensure continuity of the previous Committee. Since 2005, the cluster has involved all relevant stakeholders with the aim to enhance the competitiveness of Piedmont’s aerospace industry, guaranteeing coordination and long-term vision for public and private investment in the technological innovation system.

The cluster gathers over 80 members, including publica authorities, universities and research centers, key players (Leonardo, Avio Aero, Thales Alenia Space Italia, Mecaer e Microtecnica – Gruppo UTC Collins), SMEs, and associations. 

The core objectives and activities of the cluster mainly target the following lines:

The cluster embraces the main fields of design, production and services for:

Aero structured components and system; Propulsion, systems and components; Interior equipment and furnishing; Landing systems; Electrical / electronic components; Avionics ; Machinery, tools and mechatronics; Special processes and materials;T esting and certification; Space System, Platform, Payload, Ground systems and equipment; UAV/UAS/OPV; MRO.

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