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Command and control, information-, decision support- and combat systems, Systems integration, Autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, Missile technology, Underwater technology, Ammunition, propulsion technologies and military explosives, Materials technology developed or refined for military use, Lifecycle support for military systems

FSi, is the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association and the primary interlocutor in Norway for the Norwegian government and armed forces in matters of importance to the industry. The mission is to foster framework conditions for member companies to succeed in the domestic and global defence and security markets, thereby contributing to Norway's national defence and security goals.

FSi comprises a cluster of about 190 member companies - a diversified group ranging from the major national defence contractors to start-ups, all with unique capabilities built on innovation and advanced technology serving both the military and the civilian markets. Technologies and products coming out from the industry are platform redundant and independent and tailored for international cooperation and partnership.

Exports and international partnerships are prerequisites for continued growth for Norwegian defence industry. Almost 80% of the revenues of our member companies are from customers outside Norway. About 90% per cent of FSi members are SMEs. These companies are often highly capable niche-oriented industries with expertise and advanced skills in different high-technology areas. Many of them are also suppliers of advanced subsystems to the major Norwegian defence contractors and to international systems integrators. The SMEs counts for more than 30% of the total exports of defence equipment from Norway.

FSi is a focal point for foreign contractors seeking cooperation with Norwegian companies in relation to Norwegian defence procurements abroad and international collaborative programmes. FSi are offering networking possibilities, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions, often in close cooperation with the MoD and other governmental authorities and the armed forces of Norway.

FSi member companies employ more than 25,000 personnel in Norway and abroad, accounting for approximately 7000 man-years employed directly in defence-related activities in Norway. Turnover in the defence sector is estimated at 2,5 bn EUR per year.

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