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Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS)

ICT & Cyber Security, Aerospace, Optics, Eletronics & Communication, Weapons & Ammunition, Personal Protective Equipment, R&D, Trading & Business Support, Vehicles & Vessels

The Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS) is a business association with a 15-year tradition of serving as a constant platform between Slovenian defence industry, scientific and research organisations and the state.

Our Mission is to strengthen domestic production and development potentials in order to ensure greater self-sufficiency and to generate domestic production capacities in the fields of defence, safety and security.

Our Vision is to be an internationally acknowledged competence institution for developing and marketing of smart and knowledge-based products and services of Slovenian companies in the field of defence, security and safety industry.

Our Goal is to remain a reliable and strategic partner of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in addressing the modern security and defence challenges we face in the changing security environment of the EU and beyond, and to express a united standpoint of the defence industry stakeholders in Slovenia towards the relevant state institutions and policymakers on the issues of scientific research, technological development and modernisation based on its real capabilities and the interests of the domestic stakeholders of the industry.

The main Activities include ensuring the further development of the Slovenian defence industry, information, networking, cooperation with national authorities and international diplomacy in the field of defence, security and safety. As GOIS is also involved in international alliances, it promotes the association and the Slovenian defence industry abroad and performs business market development, networking, trade fair organisation and business opportunity creation tasks for its members. GOIS helps to create a supportive domestic environment to boost the potential for internationalisation.

GOIS Members are highly research and development oriented and contribute to the development of the Slovenian defence sector with their innovative high-tech solutions. They are also active on global markets and are involved in NATO, EDA, ESA and other European initiatives in the fields of defence, dual use and high technology. The Slovenian defence industry companies achieved a remarkable success in the 2021 European Defence Fund (EDF) International Call for Proposals, with 78% of the submitted projects with Slovenian participation being approved for (co-) funding. This share puts us at the very top of the EU at country level.

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