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Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg

Aeronautics, Aerospace

With a history stretching back to the beginning of manned flight, aerospace is a vital economic sector in southwestern Germany. Its voice is represented by Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg (Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V.) or LR BW.

Linking industry, technology and policy in the sector, LR BW serves the region’s diverse mix of world-class aerospace companies and its joined-up value chains of small and medium-sized companies. Its members’ collective investment in R&D is high, at nearly 18 percent of their total turnover of EUR 4.8 billion while defence and dual use activities account for around 30 percent of that amount.

The cluster does not have a specific strategy to support those activities or its SMEs. Nor has it yet to fully develop links to other defence-related organisations or regions across the EU. However, LR BW is a member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership which fosters networking and joint projects among its participating clusters.

LR BW also belongs to the national association of German aerospace industries (known as BDLI) as well as Germany’s national “Supply Chain Excellence Initiative”, which promotes the country globally as a competitive location for aviation investment and production.

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