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Madrid Aerospace Cluster

Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace

A public-private network drawing together 12 clusters and five science & technology parks in its region, Madrid Aerospace is Spain’s premier high-tech nexus for dual use industrial activity. A quarter of its activity is defence-related, which cuts across advanced materials, aeronautics and aerospace.

Accounting for 62 % of Spain’s aeronautics sector and 95 % of its space sector, Madrid Aerospace’s activity ranges from commercial satellite production to military aeronautics such as the Airbus A400 transport and A330 tanker aircraft and Eurocopter programmes (NH90 and Tiger).

Currently, Madrid Aerospace does not specifically target SMEs or collaborate with other defence-related regions across the EU or have any link to Spain’s national or regional smart specialisation strategies. However, it is a member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership. It also participates in the EU’s Copernicus and Galileo satellite programmes and has a close working relationship with the European Space Agency.

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