Dual Use Technology Exploitation – DUTE
Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electronics, Energy, Networking & Communications

Dual Use Technology Exploitation – DUTE

The Dual Use Technology Exploitation (DUTE) cluster of Northamptonshire was created in 2015 to help boost the country’s economic growth by linking manufacturers from the civil and defence sectors. All of DUTE’s activities are centred around defence-related and dual use activities, with the main areas of focus being advanced materials, aeronautics, aerospace, electronics and energy.

The cluster connects UK manufacturers with high-growth SMEs and technology start-ups by providing mentoring and technology show-casing opportunities, while fostering innovation to create new disruptive technologies for customers.

DUTE also promotes growth from technologies emerging in the adjacent sectors of aerospace, automotive, aviation and rail. It has links to the following defence-related organisations and regions in the UK: Northern Defence Industries, Marine South East, ADS Group Ltd and the Defence Growth Partnership, a co-operative endeavour between the government and British defence industry.