european network of
defence-related regions


PRIMUS Défense & Sécurité

Advanced materials, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Electronics, ICT, Land sector, Maritime, Robotics

PRIMUS Défense & Sécurité supports the structuring and development of the defence & security sector in the Occitanie region. They support companies in conquering new markets and diversifying their activities in the dual use field. This support results in the search for national, European, and international tenders and grants.

PRIMUS aims to support SMEs (amounting to 70% of its members), however, larger companies (ETI) supported the initiative by joining the cluster to improve the dialogue between SMEs & ETI to develop businesses.

PRIMUS brings around 50 organisations together, which represent employment of 6,000 personnel and contribute to €800 Million to Occitanie’s economy.

The Cluster works closely with the French Ministry of Defence and Interior for enhance the links and the sharing of good practices.

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